Alberts Horse Sanctuary

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Hi everyone quit a few months back a lady named Sue contacted our sanctuary with the very awful ,sad news that she had terminal cancer and that she had a beautiful horse named Duke which she needed to find a home for. Months have gone by which over this time I have tried my very best to  find the perfect home for Duke through our facebook page and we thought we had found the one . So when the time came that Sue knew time was little we were all ready to go see the new home Duke were going to live but that then fell through .This was absolutely gutting for all of us especially as over the months Sue came from being a lovely lady that I really really wanted to help to a lovely friend and so the search for a home for Duke became more and more personal to me. All I keep getting is false hope of people saying they would like him but then not following it through. So after a discussion with the family with me explaining that this is much more than just finding a lady a home for her horse but I have been through this journey with Sue and now its making sure her last wish of seeing Duke happy in a new home becomes true .So we have decided we are taking Duke into our sanctuary and giving him a permanent home with us . As you all know we have had to stop taking horses into our sanctuary as we have not got enough money to take more on which is why I do my very best to re home horses from home their previous home to their new home, but as you all can understand this has been much much more than that and most stories people come to us with and this is why I need your help ...winter is here and its another big horse to feed...worm...have the farrier to ...have the dentist to and the vet if he ever needs one so.......PLEASE PLEASE find it in your hearts to help us.

You can donate through our website by clicking on the donate button at the bottom of the page or why not make an appointment to come and visit our gorgeous animals in the sanctuary and where you can donate in person.  We also accept monthly standing orders or direct debits .The donations that qualify for Gift Aid we have appropriate forms which can be sent out to you so we can claim this back. Thank you  so much 

Stacey xx