Alberts Horse Sanctuary

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                                       HELP SAVE PEPSI

Pepsi has been at the sanctuary for 11 years and is now at the amazing age of 32 years old, he is the best friend of Furgus our highland pony who has been in the hospital twice while in our care and is doing amazing.As you can see in the picture below these two are really inseparable and even though he is such an old pony he is very healthy and despite of having Cushion disease he is really enjoying living out his days at the sanctuary with his best friend Furgus. Recently he has developed a very serious sinus infection and after numerous attempts of trying to solve this with medication he now has bad facial swelling, and now requires a procedure and to be hospitalised for several days at a cost of approximately £1000 then the cost of medication when back home. Without this procedure and aftercare he will have to be pts. This gorgeous little pony really needs your help so he can be well and home for christmas.
Please if you can help even the smallest of donations make a difference and is so appreciated thank you.
If you can make a donation please click on the donate button where you can donate by paypal or credit card or get in touch via our details on the contact page.
Thank you

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