Alberts Horse Sanctuary

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                                                                                            WAYS YOU CAN HELP

Donate a one of payment or set up a direct debit.

£1.50.... Will buy one bag of carrots to feed amongst our Animals at the Sanctuary as a treat.

£7.00.... Will buy enough Cat food to feed our 3 Cats for 4 days.

£10.00.... Will help fill our stable with shavings for our resident Furgus who has COPD.

£15.00.... Will buy one wormer to worm one of the Horses to keep them safe from Worms.

£40.00...Will buy all the food our 3 Pigs need for a whole week in the winter months.


Fundraising Ideas!

  •  Do a sponsored walk/run!
  • Sponsored ride
  •  Bun and Cake sale!
  •  Draw, Paint and Create! Why not draw/paint one of our animals and auction them off to raise money.


Making a Will and would like us to be part of it.

Giving a gift.

There are many ways to give a lasting gift.

You could give a specific sum of money (known as a pecuniary legacy), a percentage of what is left when your other wishes have been carried out and expenses met (a residuary legacy) or a particular item or object (a painting, jewellery or even a car known as a specific gift).


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